The JamJacks Hygienic Protective Pet Vest The JamJacks Hygienic Protective Pet Vest

The JamJacks Hygienic Protective Pet Vest The JamJacks Hygienic Protective Pet Vest

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JamJacks a hygienic, protective pet vest that aids post operative recovery, wounds, skin disease and complaints, when 'in season' and with incontinence. The Jamjacks vest made with Italian patented fabric, breathable and soft to the touch. This allows your pet to feel relaxed, comfortable and warm while wearing the vest and reduces your pet's distress during the days following surgery or treatment, a much more effective solution than using an Elisabethan collar ( plastic cone ) for both your pet and yourself.
The benefits of purchasing a Jamjacks vest
  • Prevents your dog or cat touching the wound easily
  • The towelling gusset has an antibacterial finish to prevent any infection around the wound area
  • Fitted with a waterproof gusset, which limits leakage and prevents the possibility of your pet licking the area and making it damp
  • Offers good protection, comfort, allowing your pet to retain freedom of movement, compared to a standard collar
  • Great for night time
  • Prevents damage from scratching or biting where skin diseases or complaints need protecting from infection
  • The vest will reduce the risk of blood or urine strains around your house
  • Breathable and washable fabric
  • Fitted with a antibacterial gusset in case of fluid loss, incontinence or when your pet is 'in season’
  • A sanitary towel or panty liner can be added for extreme incontinence
  • No mess when pets are picked up by children

Available in various sizes and suitable for all dog breeds and cats.

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