The Pet Parcel Project

What’s the Pet Parcel Project’s mission? A simple one, really. They deliver monthly parcels to rescue animals in shelters across Sussex.

Why? Most shelters will tell you that they are expensive to run. Unfortunately, animals are abandoned for all sorts of reasons, and shelters exist to ease their suffering. From there, hopefully, those animals will find their forever home. By donating items or money to The Donni Doo Foundation’s Pet Parcel Project, you’ll be doing your bit for animals in Sussex. 

Each parcel will contain at least five items, including toys, treats and accessories - and they aim to deliver them at the beginning of every month. Treats are always welcome and toys can make a huge difference to animals in shelters, giving them a source of entertainment, comfort and healthy stimulation. Puppies especially will benefit from toys they can chew, and that will occupy their time.

You can make a single donation through Paypal friends/family transfer using: one off or regular monetary donation or buy items from their wish-list on Amazon.  And of course, you can purchase food and treats via our website  - Just add a note to your order and we’ll make sure they are sent directly to the Pet Parcel Project.  

You can also follow their story on social media. Twitter @DonniDooUK Facebook @TheDonniDooFoundation Instagram @DonniDooFoundation