Our Story

Hello, I’m Sophia and this is Doris, my French Bulldog.

I set up Pooch and Company because I passionately believe that all dogs should have the opportunity to eat wholesome, healthy, natural dog food. You know, the kind of food that has no junk in it. Just as it should be.

I think it’s important to always approach things from how we live and run our own lives. You wouldn't feed your family on a bunch of additives, colours and chemical preservatives would you? So why should your furry best friend be any different? So, I took simple, good quality natural ingredients that ooze goodness and created a wholesome natural dog food range. The result is a quality meal which provides your dog with all the essential nutrients they need to maintain a healthy, happy body and mind just like us!

Here at Pooch and Company, we try really hard to be good in every sense – not just through the good natural dog food we make, but also by doing good things for our environment and supporting our local communities.

If you like the sound of what we are about and love dogs as much as we do, and if you haven't already, please try our yummy food. Go one step further and sign up to become a friend of ours, tell your friends and family too. You can also join in on the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and we'll keep you up-to-date on doggy tips, advice and offers. You’ll also get to have your say about our products and service. We genuinely value your opinion and like to learn from your experience with Pooch & Co.

Keep Smiling