What makes our grain free so good?

With 12 different protein sources our grain free range provides a recipe for everyone to take a bite out, catering for dogs and cats for all stages of life. Eight recipes has been formulated using a blend of responsible source animal ingredients, what tentative carbohydrate sources and some additional extras to support every day health and well-being.

The inclusion of freshly prepared ingredients combined with our unique cooking process provides increased bio-availability of nutrients to ensure pets of getting the most from their meals.

Our grain free recipes also include pre-biotics to support digestive health and supplemented with a omega 3 from fish oils to help support skin and coat health.

Using high-quality ingredients, Freshtrusion technology and supported with a fantastic palatability trials provide us with every confidence in the grain free range.

Feedback from customers such as "amazing skin and coat" and "the dogs have never been so happy" provide every further evidence of just how good the grain free range is.

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