Reiki for dogs - For deep relaxation and healing

Most dogs love Reiki! It’s probably something to do with being touched, which animals tend to enjoy as long as they’re used to being handled regularly.  So what’s it all about, and how might it help your pooch?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is not religious. It isn't New Age either. And it isn’t the same as massage or reflexology. It’s a healing system that claims to channel ‘universal life-force energy’, first developed by Mikao Usui in early 20th century Japan. Rei means spiritual wisdom, ki means energy. Put them together and you get ‘spiritual energy’.

Reiki involves putting the hands lightly on or near your pet, using different hand positions to treat different conditions. If your dog is receptive, they will enter a state of deep relaxation and can even nod off. It can help maintain a good energetic balance, promoting health and well-being in healthy dogs. If your pooch is physically or mentally ill, it can complement conventional and alternative healing methods. And if your poor pet is dying, Reiki provides gentle, loving support.

Reiki gives your pet what they need, whether it’s released tension, a boost in energy levels or both. The touch practitioners use is soft and light. It can’t cause any harm. There’s no physical manipulation. And there’s no equipment or tools. Most people use it to feel total, deep relaxation or to revive energy, and the same goes for pets.

Why does it work?

Reiki works well with animals for the same reasons it works for people. Like us, they respond positively to a loving touch and loving intentions.

When to give Reiki to animals?

  • When they are ill, to support the healing process
  • When they have been through a trauma
  • When they seem depressed
  • When they have behaviour issues
  • When you’re not sure exactly what the problem is
  • When they’re dying, to bring peace and calm

 Different types of Reiki

  • With Distant Reiki you don’t need to be near the animal. It can be performed anywhere
  • Some practitioners do something called ‘Beaming Reiki’, where they connect with the animal from a safe distance until they get used to it, then slowly move closer
  • You can do Reiki with your hands hovering over the animal’s body, which some dogs are more comfortable with than hands-on treatment.
  • Hands-on Reiki can be adapted for animals – while their anatomy is different, the techniques and principles are the same as for humans
  • Group Reiki is sometimes used for groups of animals

 Can Reiki cure my pet?

Scientific studies have shown how happiness can help heal illnesses and injuries: happy, positive people tend to heal better and faster than miserable, negative people who focus their energies on being ill. The same probably goes for dogs.

Reiki doesn’t usually change the natural order of events. It can’t cure your pet. It simply enhances their happiness when they’re not feeling their best, by giving them a huge dose of undiluted, unconditional love.

An important caveat

Just one thing, an important caveat: never, ever use Reiki as a replacement for proper veterinary treatment. It’s an extra, not an ‘instead of’.

How to find a suitable practitioner?

Some animal trainers, groomers and breeders offer Reiki. And some people even specialise in animal Reiki. Your vet is a really good place to start – they may know someone trustworthy near you, or be able to recommend a specialist clinic. You can even learn it yourself - there are courses all over the country.

Have you had any experiences with animal Reiki?

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Image Source: yannick974