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Little Bakes - Garlic Little Bakes - Garlic

Little Bakes - Garlic

A little goodness to help with all sorts of nasties!

Wheat Gluten Free little delicious biscuits, traditionally oven baked. We've used Garlic in this recipe, an effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent to help keep your dog free from intestinal worms and a deterrant to skin parasites like ticks and fleas.

Ideal for the smaller dog, puppies or as a training aid.

  • Contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Helps with doggy breath
  • Aiding joint mobility and lowers blood cholesterol
  • Lowers blood sugar in diabetics
  • Low fat, no added sugar or salt
  • Suitable for small dogs and puppies
  • Great as a training aid or a delicious treat

Biscuit Size: L 15mm x W 12mm x D 5mm

300g Kraft recycled bag

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Typical AnalysisPercentage or WeightValue
Crude Protein % 8.00
Crude Oils & Fats % 15.00
Crude Fibre % 1.3
Crude Ash % 1.7


  • Rice
  • Oats
  • Garlic min 2.5%
  • Oils & Fats
  • Minerals and Vitamins

Feeding Guide for our Natural Dog Food Range

The feeding guide will give an estimation of the daily feeding quantity based on your dogs' weight.

It is important to remember however that these figures are guidelines only, and there are several factors to be taken into account when assessing your dogs' nutritional requirements:

  • Activity level: Working dogs and those with high activity levels require more calories for energy than those leading a less active life-style.
  • Temperament: Stressed animals burn off more calories than relaxed ones.
  • Metabolism: Every animal is an individual with his or her own speed of metabolism; this means that two dogs of the same age, breed and weight could have different daily calorie requirements.

In order to provide the correct portions, it is also helpful to assess your dogs' appetite, visual appearance and stools is one of the best indicators of health. Increased frequency of passing faeces, production of large quantities of stools of loose motions are often frequent signs that an animal is receiving more food than he or she requires.

There is no need to supplement this diet.

Treats and biscuits should be limited to two daily.  Please ensure a supply of fresh drinking water at all times.

Weight of DogAmount of Food Per Day
2.5-5kg 60-105g
5-10kg 105-165g
10-25kg 165-360g
25-45kg 360-510g
45-80kg 510-700g
80kg Plus Please refer to vet recomendation

Suggested Daily Feeding Guide Based on Age of Puppy

Water can be added to this food to make it soft and mashy during the weaning and teething weeks. Typically a thorough mix of 2 parts warm water with 3 parts (dry weight) of food is preferred.


1 month

2 months

4 months

6 months

8 months



















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Customer Reviews

  • Great little biscuits

    Posted by Chloe on 04/02/2014


    I ordered these for my little border terrier pup terry. They smell amazing just like biscuits made for humans, no wonder terry loved them!

  • Mrs

    Posted by J Keegan on 16/02/2014


    Just tried my little bakes in garlic and have to say I love them. When treating a dog we only need a small treat to reward, not fill the dog up and I managed to break these in 5 so easily. I have also ordered all the other flavours.

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