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  • About dog blood donors and how to become one

    Published by Sophie C. on March 15, 2016. Comments: 0

    Dogs sometimes need blood transfusions. Did you know your pooch can give blood to help save another dog's life? Apparently every doggie blood donation can save up to four dogs' lives. Here's how your furry best friend could become a blood donor. Read more...

  • Support and Service Dogs Around the World

    Published by Sophie C. on October 07, 2015. Comments: 0

    Everyone's heard of guide dogs for the blind. Most of us have heard of hearing dogs for the deaf. But there's more. As it turns out, dogs' intelligence, compassion, willingness to work and gentle personalities help all sorts of people enjoy life more and learn about the world around them. Read on to find out how the human race's best friend supports us in everyday life. Read more...

  • 5 amazing doggie tales

    Published by Sophie C. on February 15, 2013. Comments: 0

    There’s a lot more to our furry friends than meets the eye! I’ve come across some mind-blowing doggie tales recently and I thought it’d be fun to share them with you. Read more...

  • The life and times of a sled dog

    Published by Sophie C. on December 21, 2012. Comments: 0

    Look at your beloved pooch, lounging around in the lovely warmth, enjoying your company over the Winter season. But what about the world’s hardest-working canines, sled dogs? They’ll be out there in the snow, in far-flung icy places, happy in their work and delighted to be put through their paces. They’re amazing creatures, so we thought we’d polish off Winter with a peep into their fascinating lives. Read more...

  • Doggie heroes and miracles – Much more than a friendly face!

    Published by Sophie C. on June 29, 2012. Comments: 0

    Dogs are much more than man’s best friend. Their marvellous sense of smell and willingness to help humans achieve goals make them invaluable in upholding law and order, tracking down the things (and people!) we’ve lost or can’t find and even identifying serious diseases at an earlier stage than our most sophisticated medical technologies can manage. Read on to find out more about our miraculous furry friends. Read more...

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