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  • 25 fascinating facts about dogs – A 30,000 year love affair

    Published by Sophie C. on May 01, 2014. Comments: 0

    The common ancestor of all dogs was a little weasel-like creature called a Miacis. Ancient Egyptians loved their pet dogs so much they’d go into deep mourning when they died, going as far as shaving their eyebrows off. While we know how they felt, that’s a bit extreme! This time, just for fun, we thought we’d look at a bunch of strange, weird and wonderful facts about dogs… Read more...

  • FaceBook Competition

    Published by Sophie C. on April 09, 2014. Comments: 0

    We're giving away a 2kg bag of Natural, wholesome dog food, just answer the following question and 'Like' our Facebook page to be in with a chance to win. Read more...

  • Alfie's Law - Animals in the UK Need Your Help!

    Published by Sophie C. on October 29, 2012. Comments: 0

    People can be cruel to animal and the punishment is often too lenient. UK based campaign Alfie's Law, set up to gain support to change Laws in the UK. Read more...

  • Pooch & Co – Our wonderful new website

    Published by Sophie C. on July 10, 2012. Comments: 0


  • Birthday Makeover

    Published by Jez T. on May 24, 2012. Comments: 0

    We've gone one step further! We have already told you about our new compostable bags, however, it's our 2nd Birthday in May and what better way to celebrate by having a complete make-over! Read more...

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