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  • Dog Law – How does it affect you as a pet owner?

    Published by Sophie C. on September 20, 2013. Comments: 0

    My name is Mark Walden, I blog about current dog related issues and until recently, I ran a boarding kennels, cattery and rehoming centre in the wilds of Hampshire. In may though, I became acquainted with Trevor Cooper, the UK's leading specialist in 'Dog Law'. Since then I have assisted Trevor in running his esteemed 'Dog Law' seminars all over the country which have been attended by pet owners, businesses and councils alike. I must say that despite being a seasoned dog owner, I found them to be both fascinating and shocking Read more...

  • Learning to Understand Your Dog

    Published by Sophie C. on October 31, 2012. Comments: 0

    The best way to approach dog training is to start by getting a basic understanding of your dog's behaviour and what is important to him or her. Read more...

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