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  • Dog obesity: How to stop your pooch getting fat

    Published by Sophie C. on July 25, 2013. Comments: 0

    New PDSA stats about pet obesity reveal a shocking situation, with overweight dogs on the increase and serious health risks on the cards for tubby pets. Is your pooch as lean as a racing snake or getting a bit podgy around the middle? Here’s how to tell whether you’re the proud owner of a lovely but lardy dog and if so, what to do about it. Read more...

  • Countryside adventures with your best furry friend

    Published by Sophie C. on July 15, 2013. Comments: 0

    It’s summer at long last, for real, and now we’re all complaining about being too hot… it’s either one extreme or another! Last time we covered how to keep your pooch safe from heatstroke, which dogs are particularly prone to. This time we’re looking at the great British countryside and how to track down the best places to walk your dog in this glorious summer weather. Read more...

  • Is your dog a bully?

    Published by Sophie C. on June 27, 2013. Comments: 0

    Is your dog a bully? Dog bullies haven’t quite got the hang of good manners. They’re a bit too rough when they play with other dogs, growling and being aggressive. It might be because they weren’t socialised fully when they were little. Or not being neutered. It can even be genetic. But there are things you can do to change their behaviour, transforming them into a laid back, kinder and friendlier furry animal. Read more...

  • Chill! How to keep your pooch safe from heatstroke

    Published by Sophie C. on June 18, 2013. Comments: 0

    Apparently summer is on the way. Yeah, right! But just in case we do get a run of lovely, long, hot days this year, I thought it’d be useful to explore heatstroke in dogs, a really nasty pet-killer. Heatstroke is a horrible thing to happen. It makes a lot of sense to know what to look out for and what to do about it before it happens. Here’s some information about the risks to avoid, the symptoms to look out for and what to do if your pooch gets overheated. Read more...

  • Common dog allergies and how to deal with them

    Published by Sophie C. on May 30, 2013. Comments: 0

    Is your dog all itchy and scratchy? Do they throw up a lot, have runny eyes or ears, sneeze all the time, have a snotty nose or get the runs more often than seems normal? If so, the poor thing might be allergic to something. Dogs get allergies too, and the symptoms can make their lives a misery. Here’s how to recognise allergies and what to do about them. Read more...