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  • Reiki for dogs – For deep relaxation and healing

    Published by Sophie C. on September 26, 2013. Comments: 0

    Why are more and more dog owners treating their pets with Reiki? What, exactly, is it, and how can it help relax and invigorate dogs? We thought it’d be useful to investigate Reiki for dogs. Here’s what we found out. Read more...

  • Dog Law – How does it affect you as a pet owner?

    Published by Sophie C. on September 20, 2013. Comments: 0

    My name is Mark Walden, I blog about current dog related issues and until recently, I ran a boarding kennels, cattery and rehoming centre in the wilds of Hampshire. In may though, I became acquainted with Trevor Cooper, the UK's leading specialist in 'Dog Law'. Since then I have assisted Trevor in running his esteemed 'Dog Law' seminars all over the country which have been attended by pet owners, businesses and councils alike. I must say that despite being a seasoned dog owner, I found them to be both fascinating and shocking Read more...

  • Travelling with your dog – Dos and don’ts for pooches on public transport

    Published by Sophie C. on September 13, 2013. Comments: 0

    Sometimes it’s more practical, and more fun, to travel by public transport rather than jump in your car. If you need to take your dog on a bus, on the train or in a taxi, how do you make the experience as pleasurable and safe as possible for your pet, yourself and your fellow travellers? Here’s some common sense advice for enjoyable, trouble-free journeys. Read more...

  • Natural flea treatments for dogs – No more itchy and scratchy!

    Published by Sophie C. on September 01, 2013. Comments: 0

    We’ve had a beautiful summer so far, a feast of long, hot days and warm, sometimes sticky nights. It’s gorgeous… except it’s the time of year when fleas take the stage, making your pooch miserable and itchy and even biting humans when there isn’t enough dog to go around. They’re nasty things and they can cause nasty illnesses. So can you get rid of fleas naturally, without resorting to chemicals? Read more...

  • Top tips to help your new puppy feel at home

    Published by Sophie C. on August 15, 2013. Comments: 0

    There’s nothing quite as cute as a new puppy, all warm and wriggly and sweet. But just like small children, they can be hard work! It’s also a serious responsibility and there’s quite a lot to do in the early stages when you first bring them home. Here’s what you need to do to help your new pal settle in and give them a really good start in their new life together. Read more...