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  • Doggie language Part 3 – Putting it all together

    Published by Sophie C. on November 29, 2013. Comments: 0

    Once you know what to look for, it’s easy to ‘get’ the messages your dog is trying to give you. It’s really satisfying and helps you communicate with each other much better. This time we’re bringing together our last two posts and talking about the whole dog. Read more...

  • 10 tips to prepare your Pooch for the winter

    Published by Sophie C. on November 23, 2013. Comments: 0

    There are many precautions that can be taken to keep your pooch safe and well despite heavy rain, snow and ice. Follow our ten top tips below to help keep your furry friend as safe as possible on those dark chilly winter walks! Read more...

  • Doggie language Part 2 - Ears, tails, hair and posture

    Published by Sophie C. on November 14, 2013. Comments: 0

    In our second post about doggie language we’re taking a look at how a dog’s tails, ears, fur and posture reveals what they’re feeling. In our final post, next time, we’ll be putting it all together for you. What’s your dog thinking? Read on! Read more...

  • Doggie Language Part One – What is your pooch telling you?

    Published by Sophie C. on October 31, 2013. Comments: 0

    As any owner knows, our dogs are extremely expressive creatures. They love to communicate and if you want an extra-happy and close relationship, it helps to learn what they’re trying to tell you. Here’s the first in our series of three articles about recognising and interpreting what your pooch is saying by analysing their faces and bodies. By the end of this series you’ll have the insight you need to observe your dog as a whole and know roughly he or she is trying to say. Read more...

  • About breast cancer in dogs – Early action saves lives

    Published by Sophie C. on October 15, 2013. Comments: 0

    We’re supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, donating £1 from every order placed with us during the month. So we thought now would be the perfect time to look at breast cancer in dogs, one of the top five canine cancers and something to be aware of so you can catch it early. Read more...