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  • dog needs first aid!

    Published by Sophie C. on July 14, 2015. Comments: 0

    You could rush to the vet at the slightest sign of trouble. Or you could learn how to treat your pooch in a range of simple healthcare circumstances, doing DIY doggie first aid when things go wrong. We thought it'd be useful to take a look at DIY healthcare for dogs. Read more...

  • Beach adventures with your pooch – What you can and can't do

    Published by Sophie C. on June 02, 2015. Comments: 0

    This time last year we took a look at the ins and outs of taking your dog walking in the countryside, where you can and can't go and so on. This time, since we have lots of with customers who live by the sea in places like Sussex, Kent and Cornwall, we thought it'd be a good idea to explore what you can and can't do with your pooch on the beach. Read more...

  • 5 Freedoms – The 50th Anniversary of Animal Rights for Furry Friends

    Published by Sophie C. on April 30, 2015. Comments: 0

    Have you heard of the Five Freedoms? It's a welfare structure that covers all the creatures we interact with as humans, whether we eat them or use them to work for us. Dreamed up in Britain, our famously animal welfare-promoting nation, the guidelines have been adopted all over the world as best practice. Here they are. Does your dog enjoy all five freedoms? Read more...

  • Safe car travel for dogs - How to protect dogs in cars

    Published by Sophie C. on April 01, 2015. Comments: 0

    If you've ever seen a crazy pooch sticking his or her head out of a car window, grinning like mad with its ears flapping to and fro' in the wind, you'll know how much some dogs enjoy car travel. Others hate it. However your dog feels about car travel, here are some sensible dog 'n' vehicle safety tips. Read more...

  • Is Your Dog Bored? 15 Top Tips for Indoor and Outdoor Fun

    Published by Sophie C. on March 05, 2015. Comments: 0

    If your pooch is hyperactive, naughty, destructive, disobedient or depressed, it might just be because they're bored. It's hardly life-threatening but boredom in dogs leads to all sorts of antisocial and unwanted behaviour, especially if your dog is a particularly clever and an active breed. Here are some fun tips for keeping your dog stimulated and happy. Read more...