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  • Why Feeding Complete Dry Premium Natural Dog Food is Best

    Published by Sophie C. on July 02, 2012. Comments: 0

    Complete dry dog foods made into kibble contain around 6 – 10% moisture by volume. Dry complete dog foods tend to be made using meat meals or a mixture of mainly meal and some regular meat mixed with grain, fat, fibers, vitamins and minerals Read more...

  • Doggie heroes and miracles – Much more than a friendly face!

    Published by Sophie C. on June 29, 2012. Comments: 0

    Dogs are much more than man’s best friend. Their marvellous sense of smell and willingness to help humans achieve goals make them invaluable in upholding law and order, tracking down the things (and people!) we’ve lost or can’t find and even identifying serious diseases at an earlier stage than our most sophisticated medical technologies can manage. Read on to find out more about our miraculous furry friends. Read more...

  • Keeping your dog healthy and active – It’s a love thing

    Published by Sophie C. on June 19, 2012. Comments: 0

    Keeping your dog healthy and active – It’s a love thing Read more...

  • New Fish & Potato Allergy X

    Published by Jez T. on May 29, 2012. Comments: 0

    The new Allergy-X is formulated to assist with the eradication of many allergies suffered by dogs, such as itching, hair loss and mucky ears, often resolving problems where chemical treatments have failed. Read more...

  • Birthday Makeover

    Published by Jez T. on May 24, 2012. Comments: 0

    We've gone one step further! We have already told you about our new compostable bags, however, it's our 2nd Birthday in May and what better way to celebrate by having a complete make-over! Read more...