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  • Can cats and dogs co-exist happily?

    Published by Sophie C. on September 27, 2012. Comments: 3

    Do cats and dogs really hate each other? Try this experiment. Click on ‘images’ in Google, at the top left hand side of the screen. Type ‘cats and dogs together’ or ‘cats and dogs in love’ into the search box and see how many pictures pop up: more than 38 million last time I looked. How do they do it? I’ve been looking into how to create a harmonious cat and dog household, and here’s what I’ve found. Read more...

  • Poisonous plants – Dogs, beware of scary green stuff!

    Published by Sophie C. on September 15, 2012. Comments: 2

    Dogs are loveable, but they’re also a bit daft! You know what they’re like – any opportunity to explore, dig up or chew something and they’re off. Did you know that something as harmless-seeming as a daffodil can make your dog really ill? That’s why it’s good to know what’s what on the poisonous plant front. Read more...

  • Did you know dogs respond to music and have an innate sense of fair play?

    Published by Sophie C. on September 04, 2012. Comments: 4

    As a dog owner, you’ll already know that man’s best friend is far from dumb. But just how far does doggy intelligence go? Scientists have been looking at the way dogs interact with us and their environment, and they’ve discovered some amazing things. This week we’re looking at dogs’ amazing innate sense of fair play and their fascinating sensitivity to music. Read more...

  • The history of dog ownership – a 14,000 year love story

    Published by Sophie C. on August 15, 2012. Comments: 0

    There’s strong evidence that humans started to keep dogs domestically at least 14,000 years ago. In the distant past we depended on them for protection, hunting and transport. In some places they were even worshipped as gods, like the Egyptian god Anubis. We’ve even named stars after them - Sirius is also known as the dog star. In recent centuries their role has changed, with a profound increase in the number of dogs kept for pleasure, company and fun. So what’s the story behind our long-lasting love affair with canines? Read more...

  • The positive effects of dog ownership – Feel the love!

    Published by Sophie C. on July 30, 2012. Comments: 4

    Owning a dog is rewarding and fun. But there’s much more to it than meets the eye. We’ve taken a look at the many fascinating and sometimes unexpected ways in which dogs support human health and happiness. Read more...