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  • Do you know the dangers of giving your dog chocolate? – Just say no!

    Published by Sophie C. on November 28, 2012. Comments: 0

    It’s difficult to imagine something as delicious as chocolate being lethal. But because it contains a powerful chemical that dogs can’t metabolise properly, it can easily be fatal. Keep your beloved pooch safe and healthy this Christmas. Hide the chocs and make sure you know what symptoms to look out for if they steal a sneaky bar from your Selection Box when you’re snoozing in front of the telly! Here’s everything you need to know about canine chocolate poisoning. Read more...

  • Buy any 12kg Bag and get 15kg

    Published by Sophie C. on November 16, 2012. Comments: 0

    Facebook Weekend Offer - Buy any 12kg Bag and get 15kg Read more...

  • Learning to Understand Your Dog

    Published by Sophie C. on October 31, 2012. Comments: 0

    The best way to approach dog training is to start by getting a basic understanding of your dog's behaviour and what is important to him or her. Read more...

  • Training with Treats – The Power of Positive Reinforcement

    Published by Sophie C. on October 31, 2012. Comments: 0

    Dogs love pleasing their owners and genuinely enjoy learning. They’re remarkably clever, perceptive and sentient creatures with about the same level of intelligence as an average two year old child. They learn quickly and just like human children they learn best when they’re having fun, thriving on love and praise. This week I’m looking at the most effective way to train your dog using positive reinforcement. Read more...

  • Alfie's Law - Animals in the UK Need Your Help!

    Published by Sophie C. on October 29, 2012. Comments: 0

    People can be cruel to animal and the punishment is often too lenient. UK based campaign Alfie's Law, set up to gain support to change Laws in the UK. Read more...